Our Mission


We believe in serving our community with nutrient dense organic fruits and vegetables, and only the finest ingredients in each smoothie and bowl.  We believe food is medicine and medicine is food.  Eating a nutrient dense diet is your biggest preventative from illness and disease.  We believe in the necessity of eating real food that have been grown without harmful pesticides, fungicides and herbicides.  We believe that bringing you a piece of the Pacific Islands will put a smile on your face and make you day dream of clear waters, sunny skies and salt air.  We believe in being kind and sharing the joy of God's creation.   We believe in supporting your gut microbiome with a healthy dose of bone broth.  We believe in the American dream and supporting local businesses in our community by bringing local goods to each store.  We believe we couldn't be in business without our amazing customers.  We appreciate every single one of you who support what we're doing.